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From Saulė till Orsha – the secret of military victories

8-12 form students

In the first, theoretical part of the session, using visual aids, an introduction to the battle specifics in Middle Ages (XIII-XV c.) is made. Children learn the difference between the actual battle, battle-duel and pillaging crusades. The battle tactics and weaponry of the period considered of the Great Duchy of Lithuania and its enemies (Crusaders, Tatars) are reviewed. The Battles of Saulė, Durbė, Blue waters, Grunwald and Orsha are analyzed the students also find out why in the XIII century Lithuanians were called “the Vikings of the land”.

You can choose one or two practical parts.

In the Ist practical part the gained knowledge is consolidated by playing a game using a questionnaire prepared and learning to make a chainmail shirt.

The IInd practical part takes place at a shooting range fitted on the terrace of the Duke Palace. You shoot at targets with specific weapons - bows and crossbows, characteristic to the period discussed.

Trakai, Trakai Island castle. The session takes place in the attic of defensive tower gate. Duration: 1-2 hours.

Takes place all year round during the opening hours of Trakai Island Castle (registration in advance)

Minimum number of participants – 5 persons, maximum- 25 persons.

Educational session - 3 Lt/0,87 Eur student, 5 Lt/1,45 Eur adult.

Museum exposition - 8 Lt/2,32 Eur student, 18 Lt /5,21 Eur adult.

Having bought a ticket to visit museum exposition with an educational session, the educational session is for FREE.

Shooting with bows and crossbows - 150 Lt/43,44 Eur per group.

Information and registration: tel.: 8 605 17 748, e-mail: gidai@trakaimuziejus.lt

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