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Invitation to Pacowa Chata

Thematic village
Pacowa Chata
Krypno Wielkie, 119, 19 – 111 Krypno
Tel. 0-85 716-95-91
Barbara Pac -510 509 030

Pacowa Chata is a suburb of the nobility, which emerged as a thematic Podlasie village, near the village of Krypno, Podlasie region. It is a place with its own historical climate. When meeting with the students, we share your passion for history and combine learning and game. We welcome children dressed in costumes of the nobles, introduce them to the customs, traditions of the parties, show the tools and equipment that people used every day, guns and coins from the seventeenth century. By using all these tricks we sort of transfer children to the seventeenth century reality.

Live history lessons
Kindergarten and middle school students are welcome to live history lessons. Classes are held in the nineteenth century farmhouse, the thematic village Pacowa Chata in a suburb of nobility. The goal of live history lessons is to stimulate students' curiosity and interest in history. We tell the historical realities in a clear and understandable way, each lesson is full of interactive elements - you can try on the clothes of nobility, and practically use the exhibits contained in the farmhouse, and listen to music. It gives the opportunity to show kids an interesting and fascinating history, captivate them with historical epochs and encourage interest in them.

Lesson topics:
• The history of old coins - using a manual mint.
• History of fashion and clothing of different centuries
• Bread Baking
• How did people use to launder earlier?
• Seventeenth century military history
• From milk to butter
• Life in the village in the past - the stories about how everyday items were used.

Lessons are interactive. Each lasts for 2 hours with games and educational activities. At your request, we can prepare history lessons along with the competitions, i.e. bow shooting, “sword” battle, throwing horseshoes, party by the campfire. Besides Pacowa Chata is the place of interactive meetings of children, parents and teachers. At winter time we invite you to Art trainings and sittings by the fire. You are kindly asked to explore our proposal presented in the flyer. For more information about our company you can visit our website www.pacowa-chata.pl

Booking in advance is required. Those who are interested are welcome to contact Mrs Barbara Pac, tel. 510 509 030 and e-mail: barbarapac@wp.pl and Mr Tomas Pac tel.533 227 704 and agree on the date of arrival to Pacowa Chata and prices.

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